Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December on the Gunpowder

Dec 15 - Fished the upper sections. Water 48 degrees and running high. Couple browns on streamers.


John Bilotta said...

Dec 27 - spent two hours on the Yough. Beautiful day.

John Bilotta said...

"It's pretty cold and while there might not be a lot of fishing going on for most people, that are things we can be working on. Here are a several that I am trying to concentrate on in the New Year.

1. Casting. I will get outside with my fly rods at least several times a week and work on an old or new skill. I take 15-30 minutes, or until the fingers get too cold, and practice. It doesn't really matter what the skill really is, I work on all sorts of thing. This week I am working on horizontal or side arm casts under objects from 20-35 feet.
casts are also a great way to warm up and to watch my forward and backward loops, work on my stops etc. Next week, I will pick something else that I need to constantly practice - mends or curves - who knows.

2. Take a first aid course. I just recertified. It's fun and you might save a life. Red Cross has this great online program that you can do your CPR and basic first aid online, and then go to one class to demo what you've learned and get certified. I think its $75 and you can take the class in Alexandria.

3. Find new locations. I am trying to get out and hike the canal, parts of the river and several streams in the area that I plan to fish and plan my strategies for the spring.

4. Reorganize my vest and fly boxes. I generally try to keep my gear organized, but it does sometime get away from me. So I find doing a vest reorg is vital. Flies, tippet, floatant all need a look.

5. When all else fails. I plan a trip somewhere warm.

See you out there