Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Help Stop the Spread of Unwanted Species in the Deep Creek Watershed

1. Report sightings to Friends of Deep Creek Lake: contact@friendsofdcl.org or call 301-873-1519.

2. Reduce nutrient runoff on your property. Report other pollution entering tributaries and the lake.

3. Check your boat to be sure you are not bringing in or distributing any unwanted species in the lake.

Here are a list of species to look out for.


Virile Crayfish:

A red-shelled crayfish. Much larger and more aggressive than native species. They will reduce diversity and abundance of native aquatic plants, insect larvae, mussels, snails, frogs, turtles, and native crayfish. They will become the dominant crayfish.
If seen: Remove and destroy (or steam and eat).

Eurasian Watermilfoil:

This plant has slender stems and feathery leaves. It forms a dense canopy that shades out native aquatic plants, reduces fish habitat, and reduces recreational use. Reproducing by fragmentation, it is easily spread by boats, trailers, or bait buckets.

If seen: Pull whole plant with roots from lake bottom. Bag and destroy.


This plant has oval floating leaves. Growth is caused by high nutrient levels and runoff from pastures, lawns, and septic systems. Massive beds support algal blooms, stunt beneficial submerged aquatic vegetation, create dead zones, nasty odor and causes fish kills.

If seen: Pull or rake plants before blooming in mid to late July. Remove dead plants from beaches in late summer.

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