Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maryland Trout Stocking

DNR To Begin Stocking Trout for Fall Fishing Season
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will stock approximately 20,000 trout into freshwaters across the State in October. This total includes 19,400 rainbow trout weighing an average of one pound each and 600 brown trout averaging two pounds each.

“Streams and rivers across the state are currently very low and the dry weather pattern that we have been experiencing is expected to remain unchanged for the next week or more,” said Charlie Gougeon, manager of field operations for Inland Fisheries. “Our regional managers will continue to assess each stocking location for adequate flow and will focus stocking efforts on the larger rivers, ponds and lakes where stocking conditions are most favorable.”

Anglers should be patient, as a sudden change in weather pattern that brings some rain can often improve the fishing conditions overnight.

Although stocking dates and locations are dependent on water flow and temperature, suitable conditions can generally be found in many areas beginning the second week of October and stocking is usually completed by the end of the month. In most years, cool water temperatures in the fall allow trout stocking to occur in Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Areas and locations such as the North Branch Potomac, Bear Creek, Town Creek, Blairs Valley Lake, Antietam Creek, Beaver Creek, Cunningham Falls Lake, Rainbow Lake, Greenbrier Lake, Morgan Run, Patapsco River, Big Gunpowder Falls, Great Seneca Creek, Wheatley Lake, Lake Artemesia, Greenbelt Lake, Big Elk Creek, Deer Creek and Tuckahoe.

Beware of invasive species! DNR reminds anglers to clean their gear between streams or outings to prevent moving around unwanted invaders like didymo and whirling disease. Anglers can wash their gear with dish soap, a 5% salt solution or one of the convenient wader wash stations at some locations.

DNR’s trout stocking information telephone line, 1-800-688-3467, will be updated weekly beginning October 1 so that anglers may find out if their favorite area has been stocked. Stocked areas will also be posted online at once stocking is complete.

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